We recommend that users be given access to a quiet room. All the necessary equipment is provided by us (VR headset and audio headset). All in all, Ayatana users should not be away from their workstation for more than 25-30 minutes

No. All the necessary equipment is provided by us.

In case you encounter issues with the Ayatana experience, restart the headset and relaunch the experience. If the problem remains, contact our technical services team: poletech@ayatana.fr

Our Ayatana pack includes a sanitary mini pack (wipes and disposable VR headsets protection). We recommend to our clients to renew these on a regular basis. 

For more information, please read our sanitary protocol.


Yes, it lasts for four weeks. It is free of charge and without obligation. All the necessary equipment is provided by us free of charge during the trial period.

No, these are autonomous headsets.

Yes, a wifi connection is required to operate Ayatana and to allow for regular updates.

Contact our experts for more information contact@ayatana.fr

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